Big Casting Machine: WH 10000

WH 10000

WH 10000 – Parallel processing from two sides

The WH 10000 is a horizontal 5-axis machining center for large aluminum castings. Based on HELLER standard components and Wenzler kinematics, the WH 10000 is the ideal machining center for extremely large die-cast aluminum structural parts.

The design of the WH 10000 offers decisive advantages for the machining process of large aluminum structural components. Two linear 3-axis units face each other on one machine bed. The centered workpiece is located on a horizontal swivel axis (A-axis) and can be machined from both sides simultaneously in double-spindle mode in a single clamping operation. Each linear unit is equipped with a 5-axis milling head with two NC rotary axes per head.

The A-axis enables free positioning of the workpiece.

Technical highlights of the WH 10000

  • High agility
  • 5-axis machining
  • Two spindles in use
  • Large traverse range
  • Fast automatic tool change
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)
  • Clear view for the operator
  • Central chip disposal
  • Automatic loading and unloading by robot/gantry

High-frequency spindle with tool interface

The WH 10000 machining center developed in-house combines two 5-axis machining units, each with the 4th and 5th axis in the tool. The two spindles ensure flexible machining from two sides. The high-frequency spindle installed in the milling head is equipped with an HSK63 tool interface and enables up to 16,000 rpm.

Automatic tool change

The chain-type tool magazine offers 51 places per machining unit, the tools are changed using pick-up changers. The tool change area is located directly next to the machining area, so a tool change time of 4 seconds can be achieved.

WH 10000

State-of-the-art electronics

The WH 10000 is equipped with an integrated absolute measuring system in the geometric X, Y and Z axes. The machining center works with digital drives and has a control cabinet with cooling device. To improve energy efficiency, braking energy is also fed back into the grid at a clocked frequency.

Good automation capability and coupling

The workpiece can be loaded directly onto the machine table using a gantry loader or robot and unloaded after processing. To increase productivity, several WH 10000 machines can be operated in series. Rely on Wenzler's know-how for optimally coordinated production processes.



WH 10000

Optimum accessibility

The WH 10000 big casting machine offers excellent accessibility. One side of the machining center is available as a loading side for automation. A large roller shutter opens the work area from the front and above. This means that robots and gantry systems or similar can be used optimally for automation. In order to give the operator a good insight, a manual control unit can be connected for set-up activities.

Optimum accessibility to the machine from three sides is also guaranteed for servicing. The machine can be accessed from the side via doors and there is sufficient space inside for maintenance work without having to dismantle the machine.



WH 10000 – High agility for greater productivity

A great deal of know-how and experience is required when it comes to increasing agility and efficiency in the machining of large structural components. The outstanding properties of the WH 10000 offer particular advantages for industrial applications. Talk to us about individual and efficient processes for your requirements.

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