August Wenzler Maschinenbau GmbH enables you to benefit from an exceptionally high vertical integration and flexibility: performance you can rely on worldwide. Wenzler is known for in-house production of all components which need specific know-how and guarantees for a quality level above average, thus making your investment secure and economically attractive.


Consulting is the key to your success

Optimum advice right from the start. Wenzler has the know-how for the reliable production of large structural components made of aluminium. Coordination with our customers and partners is a decisive factor for the efficient use of state-of-the-art technologies and suitable machines. That is why we attach great importance to comprehensive consultation.

Take advantage of our more than ten years of experience in cooperation in the fields of aluminium casting and lightweight construction. In order to develop and manufacture appropriate components with high mechanical and joining requirements, our consulting team will be glad to help you. Let us talk about your projects and optimal machining processes from planning to implementation.

Machining solutions

Best practice solutions demand best possible know-how

Wenzler provides you with cutting-edge technology to machine large and complex work pieces and work pieces susceptible to fibration. Especially the lightweight construction of modern automobiles requires structural components of this kind. Besides the ability to machine lightweight structural components with special features, managing work pieces in exceptional dimensions constitutes another advantage of Wenzler.

Our machines provide the possibility to use up to 14 controlled channels which can be used hydraulically or pneumatically due to rotary axes. This allows a variety of clamping, piloting and query options. Thus, clamping conditions can also be scanned by volume flow rate measurement.


Experienced engineering in dialogue with customers

Our engineering department develops the work piece up to series production in cooperation with our customers. We develop clamping and fixture strategies and shape the raw part accordingly. We provide corner radii and machining processes conforming to standards and series production. We have long-standing expertise and are thus able to provide sustainable, competitive machining throughout the production process.


Innovative processes by coordinating clamping strategy and machining strategy

Elaborate process applications are the key to optimum production. Wenzler has long-standing experience in sensitive products, machining of complex work pieces and materials; we do know about the specific and demanding requirements of the automotive industries.

We cooperate closely with internationally operating premium manufacturers in the context of tool development. We participate by providing our capacity in the details of cutting technologies or MMS supply. Clamping devices are constructed, manufactured, mounted and run-in entirely in-house. This holistic approach and in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process enables Wenzler to offer holistic solutions.


Complex tasks require intelligent adaptation

We start considering automatic feeding and unloading from the beginning of the application process. We synchronize machining, clamping and feeding and unloading in parallel and iterative development loops. We offer the necessary logistic chain from the individual grippers via robots up to portals and trays deposits.

All services are provided in-house. This is how we are able to guarantee efficient interfaces and that everything is “cast from the same mould”. What is more, we offer plant overviews and integrated host devices.


To rely on a machine means to rely on the manufacturer

Complex systems require strong support: as a part of the Heller group, Wenzler is able to make use of the comprehensive services of the partners. Depending on their location, our customers can rely on local Heller service branches. The staff on-site are especially trained to work with specific Wenzler components. This is how the extensive Heller service network guarantees the presence of our technology on a global scale.

We hold spare parts in store on site; this is how responsiveness and availability can be offered on an international top level. Additionally, we secure accessibility by teleservice and hotline support.