Partnership with Römheld

Innovative condition detection increases process reliability: a new concept in cooperation with Römheld

For highly efficient machining of workpieces, the first priority is to optimise the cutting equipment. There are a large number of influencing variables – but the initial situation is largely determined by the workpiece blank.

Partnership with Römheld

Based on this idea, August Wenzler Maschinenbau GmbH has developed an innovative clamping concept in close cooperation with Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte in Laubach, Hesse, Germany. It enables the measurement of various component states in the process. From loading to machining to unloading, the quality can be constantly monitored and seamlessly documented. The core of this innovation consists of the new clamping devices, the electrification as well as the digital data transmission from the clamping device. Römheld supplies the appropriate clamping technology for this, August Wenzler implements it and evaluates the data. We are very much looking forward to further successful cooperation in this field.

Focus on workpiece blank quality

It is crucial to monitor the quality of the blank and correct clamping. In this way, it is decided at an early stage whether further machining is possible and whether further machining is worthwhile. If a component is detected as defective, valuable resources can be saved: then the workpiece is rejected at an early stage and does not go through the entire process chain.